Aspire to be!

Calling all aspiring writers!

During these very different times why not try your hand at being an author like Davis Walliams or Roald Dahl

ANYONE can be a writer. All you need is paper and a pencil!

One of the keys to writing is reading. READ, READ, READ! This will ignight your imagination. Give you a huge variety of new and different vocabulary. Ideas of unusual settings, characters and story lines.

Why not try these ideas.

• A picture can inspire a thousand words. Find a picture: a favourite, a familiar one, an unusual one or draw your own. Invent your very own story to accompany the picture.
• Make a map. Create your own magical land. Draw a journey. This will inspire a fantastic adventure.
• Create a story map. This is great for outlining the bones of your story. Helping to establish a beginning, middle and end. There are a huge amount of templates available.
• Remix a story. Make a mash-up! Mix together characters, ideas and adventures from your favourite stories or films. See where your imagination takes you.
• Write a play. Prepare a props list. Write a script. This can be based on your favourite story or your very own creation. Why not make a mini theatre from a box and perform your play to a virtual audience.
• Create a diary. Write down your feelings, things you have done, things you miss. Include pictures and maybe photos. This will be great to share in years to come.

Most of all ENJOY writing. Just like reading, it can unlock your imagination and you can lose yourself in a fantastic adventure.

For some great ideas on creative writing why not visit the Oxford Owl website.

Good luck! We’d love to see your creations.