Aspirations Week 2023: An apprenticeship to develop your career – Paige’s story

I am an Assistant Practitioner in a nursing home and wanted to improve my skills and knowledge to support my role. I decided to do an apprenticeship in Adult Social Care. I had completed level 3 previously and have progressed onto level 4. I started my role 10 years ago as a Carer with truly little experience. During this time, I have become a team leader and am now an Assistant Practitioner. I want to progress further to become an Assistant Unit Manager because I want to help people more and support them in different ways.

The apprenticeship experience has been a mixture. I really enjoyed some of the units such as a research project which I based on mental health and COVID. I got a real insight into how COVID affected people. I undertook a survey on how COVID impacted staff themselves and how they felt it had affected residents who have Dementia. I did find some unit’s a little difficult, in particular getting my head around some of the legislation. However, with support from my assessor, I was able to do complete this. Overall, I really have enjoyed my apprenticeship.

I am benefiting in different ways. I have gained more skills and knowledge which I use within my role as an Assistant Practitioner, such as greater knowledge of legislation and what elements need to be part of a care plan to best support residents to highest standards. I also feel that the apprenticeship has helped me personally by developing my confidence.

I want to progress further and go onto my level 5, hopefully next year. My dream role is to become a Counsellor in a nursing home for staff and relatives. By completing my NVQ’s as part of an apprenticeship is a great step towards this