Family Learning

Each school year, children spend approximately 15% of their time at school, with the remaining 85% spent at home. Although children attend school, parents and carers play a vital role in encouraging and supporting learning. Children thrive at school when parents and the school are working together to help them to learn.

Research shows that Family Learning can improve a child’s attainment by 15% and in the early years, improve a child’s reading age by six months.

Our Family Learning services help parents to learn how their children are taught at school, to enable adults to answer their children’s questions in a way that matches lessons, avoids confusion and increases their own skills.

Each course is designed to be fun with an opportunity to meet other parents/carers.

We offer 4-6 week Family Learning courses in English, maths and science as well as art and craft workshops.

Parents, carers and children work together on a range of activities and learn how these can be transferred in to the home.

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